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    da Vinci Prostatectomy is the #1 choice for treatment of localized prostate cancer in the United States, and is rapidly being chosen by more men, as well as their doctors, worldwide. da Vinci Prostatectomy is a minimally invasive, robotic-assisted surgical procedure that removes the cancerous prostate gland and related structures. Saurabh Agarwal, MD at Urology Group, PA in Midland Park, NJ is specially trained in da Vinci procedures.

    What Happens During Vasectomy

    Vasectomy is the process of blocking the sperm cord (vas). It doesn’t change the organ of the male patient. The testes of the patient will still produce sperm but it will eventually die and the body will absorb it. The hormone levels of the patients and the sexual attributes stays intact including the organ’s ability to erect.

    The process is done in an office using an anesthetic, Xylocaine, for example that takes 15-40 minutes. But the duration really depends on the surgeon and the techniques he is using, taking into consideration the anatomy of the patient. Compared to tubal ligation for the female race, this process is much safer and cheaper. It is also safer in so many reasons. You can ensure the quality of the process of vasectomy after the semen analysis which is done after the surgery. In comparison to the tubal ligation which is done to the female, the only thing that could prove if the process of effective or not is whether or not the patient becomes pregnant and after many and costly x-ray assessments.

    The surgical procedure risks of vasectomy are generally low. Infection and bleeding are the primary risks in a surgical procedure but it does not happen to almost all cases. Vasectomy is created and done to patients for it to become permanent and irreversible. But there are also moments when this can be surgically reversed but there is no guarantee for its success. On the contrary, the vas deferens hardly grown together on its own and cause the pregnancy. This process is called the recanalization and it does not occur most of the time.

    There has been issues circulating around the globe like the process of vasectomy can cause atherosclerosis or even arthritis but this issue has already been put down. Some researchers also highlight the effect of vasectomy in the increase of having prostate cancer but it has already been contested by other specific data in urology. There is no proof of these accusations since a lot of male patients that has undergone the process showed no clear connection of vasectomy causing heart disease, arthritis, cancer and more.

    Alongside the advancement of technology, there has also been advancement in the medical field specifically the new no-scalpel vasectomy technique. Ina regular vasectomy, the surgeon makes two slits using a scalpel, and then closes them after the procedure. In the new technique mentioned above, the surgeon only makes a tiny puncture into the skin of the patient using another special instrument which is also used by the surgeon to stretch gently the opening on the skin for the tubes to be inserted properly. The tubes being inserted will be blocked just like normal vasectomy but the advantage is that there will be no to little bleeding and no stitches will be done because of how small the opening is. It will also heal in a shorter period of time, mostly with little or no scarring at all.

    A lot of men prefer this kind of technique because it does not require more time and it doesn’t bring you into an uncomfortable feeling. It also has lower infection and bleeding rates. In fact, you can heal in five days or less.

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